Speaking Finance About:

Speaking Finance was formed in August 2019 by Steven Emms with the intent to realize the vision of providing a brokerage firm that is respected in the industry and known as a reliable and valued by all its clients for outstanding service and consistently reliable outcomes.

Please take some time to have a look at our testimonials to see the kinds words of all our clients to date.

Steven Emms – Bio

Steven started out in finance back in 2015 at Rapid Finance where he learned the basics of being a finance broker. He has worked at several companies over the journey including Savvy finance and Stratton Finance. Steven was determined to start his own business from the very early days and he worked to build relationships, network with likeminded people and meet customers’ expectations consistently.

Before getting into finance Steven served in the army and deployed to the Solomon Islands in 2010. He earned his private pilot license in 2008 and worked in the railways in several roles for 5 years before moving into finance.

Steven’s broad background and experience has served him well over the journey as he is able to relate really well to all sorts of customers from all types of circumstances.


Casey Mackey is a Finance and Insurance Consultant who helps guide clients through the loan process by educating them on what is required and ensuring they end up in the best position possible with the greatest outcome.

Casey has always had an interest in Finance and customer service, He has a Bachelor of Business where he did a double major in Banking & Finance and Financial Risk Management and over 10 years’ experience in Client facing roles giving him the skills to help make your experience as effortless as possible while educating you during the process.

Casey grew up playing football and enjoys fitness & Health. He then went on to start training in Boxing where he has had twelve Amateur/Exhibition Fights in the sport.



Louis is the Speaking Finance Compliance and Information Officer.

Louis earned his finance and accounting knowledge from both academy and real word practice.

Louis has built solid experience in finance industry. He understands different finance products and is able to many different scenarios happened in loan application.

As a compliance officer, he is a box ticker, but he can think out of box as well to make job done.

In his spare time Louis enjoys catch and release fishing to release the pressure valve after a very busy day. He also enjoys photography in between his fishing trips.