Personal Loans

The team at Speaking Finance specialize is finding a product to suit what you need. Whether your sole focus is a great rate or if your focus is more on flexibility, longer or shorter terms our team is experienced in finding what you need to suit for your next vehicle purchase.

Not all personal loans were created equal, that’s why we’re here to help you navigate the differences and make your decision much easier and clearer.

Do you know your credit score? Very few Aussies do. Which makes many of us an outlier amongst the rest of the world.

Many don’t realize the impact a credit score can have on your life. It’s not just about car loans and personal loans.

Some employers are now checking your credit file to determine suitability for a role and real estate agents are using them as a guide to whether you’ll be a reliable tenant. And more businesses will start to do this more and more especially with the recent changes in comprehensive reporting.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting information about credit files and credit scores.

I have a lot of experience with them and how they work – and what you should be doing to keep yours clean.

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